The Langgaard Foundation


Komponisten Rued Langgaard og hustru Constance Langgaards Fond

The Langgaard Foundation, founded in memory of the composer Rued Langgaard and his wife Constance Langgaard on 25th August 1969, has the aim of spreading knowledge of the composer's music. It was founded shortly after the death of Constance Langgaard, since Rued and Constance Langgaard had left no heirs. The Foundation manages the rights to Langgaard's music, and its resources come from performance revenues and sales of Langgaard's works.

Since January 1, 2013 the Board of Trustees of the Foundation consists of Attorney Asbjørn Rønn-Simonsen (chairman); Head of the Royal Academy of Music Bertel Krarup, singer Signe Asmussen and Bendt Viinholt Nielsen, music researcher.

Over the years the Langgaard Foundation has mainly supported concert and recording initiatives.

Letters to the Foundation should be addressed to
The Langgaard Foundation,
c/o Attorney Asbjørn Rønn-Simonsen,
Strandvejen 276 B, DK-2920 Charlottenlund.
Phone +45 32 50 13 32.