Behind the scenes...

Senior Lecturer Jørgen Mortensen

  • He is the person behind this Website, has been responsible for the technicalities, and for the recordings made by Ulrich Stærk, Jesper Madsen and the Esbjerg Ensemble.

  • As a theoretician of music he has presented his views on Langgaard's little piano sonata Ordrup and on the strange endings of two organ works.

  • Born in Sønderborg in 1943. Studied the flute in Århus and Copenhagen (diploma), as well as Theory of Music and History of Music (M.A.)

  • Employed as a Senior Lecturer in the Theory and History of Music at the West Jutland Academy of Music.

  • Leader of The West Jutland Academy of Music Electronic Music Studio

  • Author of the book Per Nørgårds Tonesøer (1992)
  • Leader of the project, The Electronic School of Music, a distance learning project about musical arrangement and composition, which has been running since 1993.

  • Working at the moment on the design of a new course in music for the blind and weak-sighted, Music Profile Course, making use of new technology.

  • Has been composing electronic and instrumental music since 1980, including Lydserier til meditation (Sound Series for Meditation) and chamber music such as Presenza and Seven Sections. Many of the works contain visual elements: Radii aurati is accompanied by a series of slides of the sky and clouds; the orchestral work Tre skulpturer - musik til Robert Jacobsen (Three Sculptures - Music to accompany Robert Jakobsen) is a musical description of three existing sculptures.

  • Taovisioner (Tao Visions) (1989) is electronic music to accompany the ten large paintings by Richard Mortensen at the Trapholt Museum of Art, where the music can be heard; Louisiana Lydbilleder (Louisiana Pictures) (1993) is electronic music with computer graphics.

  • Has recently published a CD entitled THING WA - music inspirered by Tibetan prayer beads.