A brief introduction to this website


Contents - Highlights

Welcome to this website dedicated to the Danish composer, Rued Langgaard.
The contents of this site have been designed specially for the Internet/www, and include amongst other things:

  • More than 222 web documents.
  • More than 100 photos of Langgaard.
  • Many samples of his music, including new recordings of music not previously recorded.
  • Spoken reminiscences of people who knew Langgaard.
  • New photos of places in Ribe and elsewhere connected with Langgaard.
  • Graphics presenting Langgaard's work as a composer.
  • About 150 illustrations of manuscripts and printed matter from the collections of The Royal Library in Copenhagen.
  • A biographical multimedia mosaic.
  • The composer's family tree.
  • A concise list of his works.
  • A list of recordings and a bibliography, constantly updated.
  • Descriptions and interpretations of Langgaard's music.
  • Interviews with the composer (texts), for example about the dog-eat-dog atmosphere in Danish music circles.
  • Paintings and drawings by Langgaard himself.
  • New articles about Langgaard by the author, Sven Holm, the composer, Ole Schmidt, and others.
  • Current Langgaard events and a concert calendar

Bendt Viinholt Nielsen has written the texts and edited the site. Jørgen Mortensen (The Academy of Music in Esbjerg) has been responsible for samples of music and the technical aspects of the site, while graphics and layout have been carried out by Korsager Grafisk Design, Esbjerg. Scanning of photos, manuscripts and printed texts has been done by The Royal Libary.


Enjoy yourself!